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Step 1

Prepare Wax

Fill the Wax Pearls (200g) into the heater.

Step 2

Prepare Heater

Plug the heater into the power and turn the control to the highest setting. Once the wax is completely melted and has a smooth, creamy consistency (about 30 minutes, depending on how much wax is in the heater). Then turn the heater back to medium and wait about 5-10 minutes for the wax to reach the perfect temperature.

Step 3

Apply wax

Once the wax has reached the perfect temperature, the skin area to be depilated should first be cleaned. Now you can apply the wax with a wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth. The wax should be applied about 0.2 mm thick.The end of the applied wax should be applied a little thicker, because you can grip it better.

Step 4

Remove wax

Wait briefly until the wax feels dry (about 30-60 seconds). Once the wax is dry, grab the thicker end of the wax and pull it off in a quick motion against the direction of hair growth - keeping the skin taut. Repeat these steps on all desired areas. You can remove any wax residue with the wax you have already used.

Wax Kit Heater

Wax Kit Heater

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What do I do on injured skin areas?

Do not apply wax to injured or irritated skin. This may aggravate the irritation.

Can I go directly into the solarium and sun after application?

It is best to avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours after waxing.

How long should my hair be for the application?

We recommend that you use a hair length of 5 mm or more.

What do I need to consider before waxing?

Clean your skin thoroughly, so that there are no oils or creams on your skin, so that the wax can grip the hair well. The application should not be done if you have recently used self-tanner, otherwise streaks may appear.

What is the best way to take care of my skin after waxing?

Wax residues can be removed very easily with our Wax Oil. It also cares for and soothes your skin. We can also recommend the use of other caring lotions.