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Step 1

Clean it

Clean eyebrows thoroughly with the cleanser. Also work against the direction of hair growth to clean the skin under the eyebrows.

Step 2

Fix it

Apply the Browlift Glue to the eyebrows and shape the eyebrows to the desired shape using the comb.Make sure all hairs lie flat and correct with the comb if desired.

Step 3

Browlift Lotion 1

Carefully apply Browlift Lotion 1 to the brow hairs with the applicator. If possible, so that the lotion only comes into contact with the hairs and not with the skin.

Step 4

Let it set

Cover the eyebrows with cling film to allow the lotion to absorb.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes

After 8 minutes, thoroughly and carefully remove the Step 1 Browlift Lotion from the brows with a DRY cotton pad WITHOUT removing the Browlift Glue. If necessary, reapply the Browlift Glue to fix the brows in the desired shape.

Step 6


Repeat the application process with Step 2 Browlift Lotion using a NEW application brush. After 8 minutes, remove Step 2 Browlift Lotion with a dry cotton pad.clean eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove fleeky Browlift Glue.comb out residual glue with an eyelash brush.

Browlift Kit

Browlift Kit

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What exactly is a Browlift?

The Browlift is a new method to bring stubborn hair into shape in just a few steps. This method gives the eyebrows a fuller and bushier look. The Browlift, or brow lamination, makes it easier to style the eyebrows. The eyebrow hairs are thereby relaxed, allowing them to be combed in any desired direction.

What does a Browlift do?

During a Browlift, the eyebrows are combed into the desired shape and fixed with a water-soluble Glue. A 2-phase system is used here. In the 1st phase the structure of the eyebrow hairs is loosened and in the 2nd phase it is fixed. The eyebrows can then be colored with the fleeky Lash & Brow Tint Kit to give them an even stronger expression. After the Browlift, the eyebrow hairs can be cared for and strengthened using the fleeky Lash & Brow Booster.

How long does the Browlift last?

Concerning the durability and effectiveness of the Browlift, the structure of the eyebrow hairs is crucial - this can be different for everyone. A Browlift can last up to 4 - 8 weeks.

How many times can you repeat the Browlift?

The Browlift can be repeated whenever the effect wears off, or after 4-6 weeks.

What does a kit contain?

Included in the fleeky Browlift Kit:

  • 1 Cleanser for cleaning the eyebrows
  • 5 Double Chamber Sachets with the Step 1 & 2 Lotion
  • 1 Browlift Glue to fix the eyebrows (water-soluble)
  • 10 Applicators
  • 5 Lash Brushes
  • 2 Lash Combs
  • 1 Lifting Tool
How many treatments are included in a kit?

You can use the kit for 5 individual applications. You can even double the treatments, if you share the one shot Browlift Sachets with your loved ones.

I haven't used up the content of the Sachets. Can I use it again later on?

The Sachets need a certain amount of filling, so there will always be some left overs. Opened Sachets must be used up within a few hours, so our tip is, if possible, to share the treatment with your loved ones :)

Are there products that I'll need for the treatment, which are not included in the kit?

We recommend using our fleeky Lash & Brow Tint Kit for Tinting your eyebrows. You will also need cotton pads and cotton swabs.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment of the brows takes up about 20-30 minutes. You may need a little longer the first time, but after the second/ third treatment you'll become your own professional!

What are the steps for the Browlift?

Step 1 - cleanse & degrease

Coat the eyebrows thoroughly with the Cleanser using the Applicator, and then remove it with a damped cotton pad. - Also, be sure to rub against the direction of hair growth to clean the skin under the eyebrows.

Step 2 - Fix the eyebrows

  • Apply Browlift Glue generously to the eyebrow.
  • Fix the eyebrows in the desired shape with the help of the comb.
  • Make sure that all hairs are lying flat, correcting with the smooth side of the Lifting Tool and with Glue if necessary.
  • For a natural result, do not fix the eyebrow hairs too steeply in the direction of the hairline! You can correct the position of the hairs by reapplying the Browlift Glue and combing again.

Step 3 - Step 1 Lotion

  • Carefully apply Step 1 Lotion to the brow hairs with the Applicator, so that the Lotion only comes into contact with the hair, if possible.
  • Cover the eyebrows with cling film to absorb the Lotion.
  • Leave the Lotion on for 8 minutes.
  • After 8 minutes, carefully remove the film and thoroughly remove the Lotion from the eyebrows with a dry cotton pad, without removing the Glue.
  • If necessary, apply Glue again to fix the brows in the desired shape.

Step 4 - Step 2 Lotion

  • Repeat the application process with the Step 2 Lotion and a new Applicator stick. This is important because if both Lotions come into contact with each other, a premature chemical reaction will make them unusable.
  • Also here, the Lotion should only come into contact with the hairs.
  • After 8 minutes, carefully remove the film and remove the Step 2 Lotion with the dry cotton pad.
  • Clean the eyebrows with a damped cotton pad and remove the Glue.
  • Comb out the rest of the Glue with the Lash Brush. Then, comb and style the eyebrows in shape.

Extra Tint Tip

  • Tint your eyebrows
  • If desired, the eyebrows can then be colored with the fleeky Tint Kit.
  • Use the color brush to mix a pea-sized amount of the fleeky Tint Kit with the same amount of Oxidant Gel in the Mixing Bowl, until it forms a creamy paste.
  • Apply the mixed paste with the Color Brush onto the eyebrows and in the direction of growth.
  • If necessary, correct the color edges with a damped cotton swab. Allow the applied color to set for 2 minutes.
  • After allowing to set for 2 minutes, remove the color thoroughly with damped cotton pads.
Is the treatment painful?

The Browlift treatment is absolutely painless and easy to perform.

How safe is a Browlift?

The Browlift is a safe treatment. It is important that you follow the treatment process step by step. If the Lash Comb, or Lifting Tool, is used with too much pressure, the skin can react sensitively and reddening can develop, which quickly subside though.

What should I watch out for after the Browlift?

After the Browlift, the eyebrows can be shaped for about 24 hours and are still flexible. Therefore, after the treatment, the eyebrows should not come into contact with water/ steam, please do not apply eyebrow make-up, or self-tanner, to the face. Gently comb your eyebrows daily and shape them.

Do the eyebrows need special care after the Browlift?

You can optimally care for and boost your eyebrows after the Browlift with the fleeky Lash & Brow Booster. The Lash & Brow Booster not only strengthens and maintains your eyebrows, it also makes them grow healthier and faster.

How do I style my eyebrows after the Browlift?

We personally love a natural, styled brow. We also love combing our brows all the way up to the tip of the arch and then laying the hair into the brow shape at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Can I still have my brows treated by a specialist?

Yes, you certainly can! If you want a really defined shape, a professional eyebrow correction will help you achieve this look. If you prefer a more natural look or if your brows are already beautifully shaped, you should be able to care for them yourself.

I want to dye my eyebrows, when should I do that?

Always dye the eyebrows 24 hours after the Browlift. If you dye your eyebrows before the Browlift, they will be faded after doing the Browlift. The hairs are roughened during the treatment and lose their color as a result.

Is the Browlift also suitable for thin eyebrows?

Even very thin eyebrows can look fuller and bushier with the Browlift. The realignment of the brows makes them appear longer and denser. In contrast to microblading, no fake hairs are cheated on with the Browlift. However, skilfully brushing the hairs into shape can hide small gaps in the brows. The prerequisite is that brows are present.

Can I do the Browlift during pregnancy?

Ultimately, you would have to weigh it for yourself, as no scientific studies have been done on it, especially since testing is rarely done on pregnant women.

The ends of the hair are curled after the Browlift, what did I do wrong?

The eyebrow hairs were not stretched enough. The Glue may have loosened while the Lotion 1 took effect, causing the eyebrows to no longer be fixed in their shape.